Attitude and Gratitude: Table of Contents

I Birth, Genealogy and Siblings – 1918-1920
II Early schooling – Ages 3-7 – 1921-1925
III Yeshiva Torah Vadaath – 1926
IV Yeshiva Torah Vadaath, Visits to Relatives in the Bronx, Murry’s Bar Mitzva – 1926
V YTV, Interest in the Navy, My First World Series – 1927
VI My Introduction To and Love for Shteiblach. – Ages 10-11 – 1928-1929
VII Graduation From YTV, Entered Boys High School – Ages 12-13 – 1930-1931
VIII Move to Howard Ave. and Making Friends – 1932
IX Brooklyn Dodgers – 1933
X Anshe Zedek Boys, My First Girl Friend, Soccer and Baseball at Boys High, Athletic Hall of Fame, Graduation from High School – 1934-1935
XI Entered CCNY, Employment in Library, Second Girl Friend, Meet My Future Wife, Murray and Gert’s Wedding – 1935-1936
XII Hilda’s Family, My First Employment, Hapoel Hamizrachi – 1936-1937
XIII Manager at Spring Valley Hotel, Split and Reconciliation with Hilda – 1938
XIV Thesis and Graduation from CCNY, My First Professional Employment – 1939
XV CPA Exam, NY Rangers Hockey Games, Marriage to Hilda, Our “Honeymoon” – 1940
XVI Our First and Second Apartments, Change in Employment – 1941
XVII World War II, Selective Service Instituted – 1939- 1941
XVIII Application to FBI, Attack on Pearl Harbor, Applied for US Navy officer’s Commission, US action in Pacific Theatre, Passed CPA Exam, Birth of Kenneth, Rejected by FBI and US Navy, Drafted into the Navy, Sampson Naval Training Center – 1941-1943
XIX Naval Aviation Technical Center in Norman, Oklahoma, Reception of Commission as Ensign, Supply Corps School in Wellesley, Mass – 1943-1944
XX Irene’s Death, Graduation from Supply Corps School, Ordered to Report to Seattle Awaiting Commissioning of USS Bollinger, as Disbursing and Asst. Supply Officer – 1944
XXI USS Bollinger – 1944
XXII Surrender of Japan, Discharged from Active Duty – 1945
XXIII Home At Last with Hilda and Kenny, Decision Not to Return to My Former Employer, Glendale Court, Controller at Siren, Birth of Dennis, Starting a Practice, Forming Litt & Prager – 1946-1948
XXIV Building a Practice – 1948-1949
XXV Death of Papa, Kingsway Jewish Center, Meeting Life-Long Friends – 1949-1950
XXVI Moskovits Family, Irvington, Korean War, Resignation from Naval Reserve, First Nursing Home Client – 1951-1953
XXVII Purchase of First Home, Hilda at Garden Nursing, Home – 1954-1955
XXVIII First Trip to Brazil – 1955
XXIX Carnival, Nailotex, Zanny, Dodgers Win World Series – 1955
XXX Kenny’s Bar Mitzva, Esther’s Death, Town Club – 1956-1959
XXXI Dennis’s Bar Mitzva, Promenade Hotel, Kenny’s Graduation from Columbia, Mama’s Death, First Trip to Europe & Israel, 25th Wedding Anniversary, Kenny’s Acceptance to Harvard Medical School – 1960-1965
XXXII Dennis’s Graduation from Yeshiva of Flatbush and Entrance to Brooklyn College, Kenny Meets Jeannie, Honored by Yeshiva Rambam, Kenny and Jeannie’s wedding, Jeannie’s Parents, Papa Friedfeld’s Death, Dennis Receiving the Gideonse Foreign Study Award, Kenny’s Graduation from Medical School, Anne’s Death – 1966-1968
XXXIII Kenny in the PHS in Eagle Butte, SD, Birth of Karen, Working Out of the Home, Dennis’s Graduation from Brooklyn College, Dennis as Delegate to the World Youth Assembly and Representing the US at the Conference of Soviet Jewry, President of KJC, Birth of Joshua, Purchase of Condo in Miami Beach – 1969-1974
XXXIV Pride in My Sons, Surgery Removing an Aneurysm – 2004
XXXV Yeshiva Rambam Honoring Kenny & Dennis, Birth of Tamar & Benji, Honored by KJC, Sued by NYS and Case Dismissed, Wedding of Dennis & Janice, Karen’s Bat Mitzva, Tutoring Minority Children in Grade School – 1973-1980 / 2004

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